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Abstract painting is perhaps one of the most expressive and exhilarating forms of painting. When we think of abstract painting, we feel free to express ourselves in ways we never imagined. Most of the stress of painting that perfect painting is left behind. We give ourselves permission to experiment freely with color, texture, form and line.

What about the discipline of abstract painting? Is it just a matter of splattering down paint or is there more? During this Open Studio session we will learn that abstract just like any other form of art has its disciplines, but they are just a bit different! Things like “center of interest” are still very important to the abstract artist as well as color and shape. In fact, without these elements the abstract painting is viewed as unorganized and confusing.

In general abstract art is any form of art that does not have anything to do with the physical things found in the world. Oftentimes, it is viewed as an abstraction of the intrinsic qualities of a physical object or space and transformed into a visual art that does not physically represent any material object. It is by simplifying that the artist is able to convey the idea or message.

Join me for a four week immersion in the art of abstract painting. You will enjoy live sessions once each week as well as guest speaker Painter Master and Residence artist Peggy Gyulai who will discuss the process and inspiration of abstract painting.

Skill Level

Intermediate to Advanced. This is not an introduction to Painter class and therefore students who have never used Painter before may encounter some frustration. Consider taking one of the many Introduction to Painter classes offered at DAA.

Week One

Learning to simplify

Your instructor will have you complete several exercises that will help you to simplify. Abstract art is the simplification of form. Students will choose several images and paint them in the abstract impressionist style where all recognizable features are lost, yet color and shape is retained. Abstract Impressionist art is defined by its emphasis on emotional or spontaneous content not based in reality. Students will take the time to  plan your image and start painting. It’s a common misconception that abstract expressionist paintings are totally spontaneous and require no artistic talent. While they do convey a sense of spontaneity and are often highly emotionally charged, many abstract expressionist works are very large, making the need for planning out the image beforehand all the more important. When planning the image, determine in advance the materials you’ll use to create the image, what the image should convey to the viewer, the color combinations you’ll be using, the size of the image, and what the image will represent to you personally. Once you have a firm idea of how the image should look, start painting.

A live session is scheduled this week which will be recorded for you should you not be able to attend.

Week Two

Abstract Variants-What brushes to use?

This week you will explore the many possibilities of expressive brush marks with Painter brush variants. From Watercolor to Oils students will create several paintings using a combination of brushes from Painter’s brush selections. You will enjoy a live session this week and exploring other types of Abstract painting styles. Students will work with color gamuts based on the Real Color Wheel color discipline is important in abstract painting.

Week Three

Painting the Landscape in Abstract

Students will learn how to paint a landscape in abstract this week. Students will study the landscape to see the shapes and colors that exist within it. Emphasis will be on form and not details as you decide on the colors you want to use to paint your landscape. A live session is scheduled this week which will be recorded for you should you not be able to attend.

Week Four

Final Painting and Critique

Students will work on their final painting this week

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