Skip Allen

Skip received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Crafts with an Emphasis in Pottery from the Memphis College of Art. He was a studio potter for almost three decades and taught at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi for 21 years. An award-winning artist, he is published in Ceramics Monthly and The Crafts Reports, and has been included in articles from House Beautiful, Mississippi Magazine and Studio Potter.

So, what is his connection with digital art? Skip got his first computer in 1984 and began developing skills in graphics and desktop publishing. He started using CorelDRAW in the late eighties, but didn’t discover Corel Painter X until 2008. Since that discovery, Skip has immersed himself in digital art. Passionate about Corel Painter, he is a beta tester and member of the Corel Painter Advisory Council. In 2011 he was named a Corel Painter Master.

“I love to teach;” Skip remarks, “I find that it is a wonderful sharing experience.  Skip is looking forward to sharing his knowledge of Painter 11 and 12 with those anxious to learn Painter and the digital creative process.

Besides teaching, Skip enjoys making custom brushes for Painter. While he has made Impasto and Liquid Ink brushes, his favorites are Watercolor. His brushes are available for free at his blog Skip Allen Paints. Articles written by Skip can be found at Digital Paint Magazine.

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