Student testimonials

Kari Nanstad

I have been taking classes with the "Digital Art Academy,"  for many years.  I am pleased to say that I have been so  impressed with Karen Bonaker, Skip Allen, and other instructors over the years.  I never want to stop taking their classes!    

Gilberto de Martino

 I decided to look online for courses and ways to learn how to draw and paint digitally. DAA was my first choice to start this new journey. 

Terry Sayers

 I am now retired and have been a student at the Digital Art Academy for about two years. My art work has improved exponentially during my time at DAA to the point where I have had a couple of pieces displayed in the campus gallery at my art college.

Raquel Bigby

 I love all the classes I have taken over the years its been so much fun!

Colleen Taylor

 DAA has always been my "Go To" place when I've wanted to learn new Painter techniques and seek technical advice. I've always been able to count on support of the talented & creative abilities of Karen & Skip.