Shades of Grey Brush Pack

Shades of Grey Brush Pack

Elite Painter Master Karen Bonaker's Shades of Grey brushpack for Corel Painter 2018 or greater.


The brushes give the artist a wide range of control from highly photorealistic, classical smoothness, to expressive, impressionistic interpretations. This brush selection includes the popular brush category "Mystic Mountain" brush category.

Up until now, these brushes have only been available via the Corel website but now you can own them all for one great price! 

Brushes work best with a pressure-sensitive pen such as the Wacom pen and tablet. Using a mouse is not optimal for digital painting. 

If you are planning on enrolling in the "Paint Like Bob Ross The Digital Way" course at DAA you will want to have these brushes!

Compatible with Corel Painter 2018 or greater. Loading these brushes in earlier versions of Corel Painter may result in error messages or crashing the software.

Comes as a digital download. 

Due to the digital download nature of this product, refunds are not available. 

How do I Install My Amazing Brushes?

First, unzip the downloaded file which contains the five brush packs then repeat the steps below for each brush pack.

To install, open Corel Painter 2018 or greater, click on  Brushes>Import>Category>(and select this .brushcategory file). Repeat this for each brush pack. 

  • Technical Specifications and Copyright Information

    Software Requirements
    A working copy of Corel(r) Painter™ 2018 or greater is required. Remember that you can download a 30-day trial version of the software to use for this class. Some lessons will be focused on the most current version of Painter, however, every effort will be made to supply students with brushes that are compatible with the version of Painter they are using.

    A Wacom Pen Tablet & Stylus- Using a Mouse is not the optimal tool for digital painting. I highly suggest using the Wacom Art Pen as well. The Art Pen is not mandatory for this class, however, consider purchasing one when you can for complete barrel rotation of your stylus.

    A system capable of running Corel(r) Painter™ 2018 or greater


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