Self-Study Courses

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Romantic Roses

Self Study - Now Only $30

Learn how you can create beautiful rose and flower paintings in three steps, using Karen Bonaker's Romantic Roses brush category.

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Painter Club 2018 Part 1

Self Study - Now Only $30

Our standard six sessions of tutorials, with everything from Aboriginal Dot Painting to Still Life Painting. Click Enroll Now for more details.

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Painter Club 2018 Part 2

Self Study - Now Only $30

This Painter Club includes three unique topics for you to enjoy, starting in July and ending in December 2018.  

Each session will now include two live sessions. One session will include an overall approach to the lesson and demonstration and the second session will include a paint along with Karen.

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Painting the Women of Daniel Ridgeway Knight

Self Study - Now Only $30

Here we explore the wonderful paintings of Daniel Ridgeway Knight and learn how we can achieve creative modern versions the digital way.

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Digital Landscape Essentials Part 1

Self Study - Now Only $30

In this class Karen Bonaker, Elite Corel Painter Master, Corel Certified Painter Educator, will share her workflow, specific brush steps, and the thought process for creating digital landscapes in the plein air approach. Karen will show you how to select the appropriate color and values. She'll also talk about choosing the right brushes and textures to complete this intermediate approach using either Corel Painter 2018 or Painter Essentials.


Digital Landscape Essentials Part 2

Self Study - Now Only $30

Constable Clouds! This class will concentrate on painting clouds and skies in the manner of John Constable. Constable is recognized for his landscapes, and cloud paintings, which are mostly of the Suffolk countryside, where he was born and lived. He made many open-air sketches, using these as a basis for his large exhibition paintings, which were worked up in the studio. His pictures are extremely popular today, but they were not particularly well received in England during his lifetime. Constable believed that his paintings should come as directly as possible from nature. He made hundreds of outdoor oil sketches, capturing the changing skies and effects of light.

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Paint Like Bob Ross Using Digital Techniques

Self Study - Now Only $30

This course will help you emulate the style of Bob Ross using digital techniques.

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Painter Club 2017 Part 1

Self Study - Now Only $30

Painter Club Part 1 will begin on January 2nd 2017. Each month until June 30th a new lesson will be added for your enjoyment. Lessons include a Barn, Cherry Tree, Suminagashi and more.

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Painter Club 2017 Part 2

Self Study - Now Only $30

Six sessions ranging from Watercolor to Portrait Collage and Botanical Illustration.

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Winter Solstice

 Self Study - Now Only $25

Paint along with me as I show you how to create "Winter Solstice" using Painter 2017 or greater. You are going to paint in the style of acrylic or oils... the subject Winter Solstice.


Pastel Sunsets

Self Study - Now Only $25

This lesson will introduce you to some exciting ways to use Digital Pastels while working in Corel Painter 2016 or Greater.

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Monet's Garden

Self Study - Now Only $25

The emphasis will be on learning more about the new Thick Paint brushes in Painter 2018 and 2019. You will learn how to vary the color in your brush strokes to emulate the style of Monet.

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Self Study - Now Only $25

Inspired by Artist David Jansen who is known for his unique rose painting techniques this lesson will teach you how to paint beautiful rose compositions.

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Digital Nature Journaling

Self Study - Now Only $25

Learn about nature journaling and how we can do this digitally and where Karen introduces you to John Muir Laws and the joys of getting close to nature and sketching.

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Suminagashi The Painter Way

Self Study - Now Only $25

This class will introduce you to Suminagashi the Painter Way! Students will learn to use Suminagashi brushes to create lovely images which are suitable for printing, framing and more!

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Japanese Ink Painting

Self Study - Now Only $25

Students will learn how to create Sumi-e style paintings using digital watercolors and selections.

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Aboriginal Dot Painting

Self Study - Now Only $25

Students will learn the fundamentals of dot painting with Painter as a starting point for more advanced techniques. This lesson includes a PDF,  two custom brush categories, and video lessons.

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Impasto Secrets

Self Study - Now Only $25

Discover my loose signature style and how I create the effect of Impasto without using thick Impasto brushes. You will immerse yourself in painting beautiful flowers and discover a loose and expressive painting style.

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Painter Club 2015 Part 2

Self Study - Now Only $30

Join us for six interesting and varied classes presented in the second half of 2015. Each month will expand your knowledge of Corel Painter and build your Fine Art skills. Click Enroll Now to learn more.

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Painter Club 2016 Part 1

Self Study - Now Only $30

Join us for six interesting and varied classes presented in the first half of 2016. Each month will expand your knowledge of Corel Painter and build your Fine Art skills. Click Enroll Now to learn more.


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