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Painting With Digital Light

Course Syllabus

  • Inspiration 

  • Selecting Color

  • Strong values are an important key to a strong painting. Karen will share the importance of values and their fundamental relationship with lighting and color. 

  • Painting atmosphere can be an effective tool for establishing a mood or story. Karen will discuss lighting conditions that describe the atmosphere and how the atmosphere affects objects in space. Karen will demonstrate some special case lighting effects and show you how to achieve her signature soft water reflections.

  • Students will complete two distinct paintings based on Karen's lesson plan. 

  • Registration opens June 1st.


Student Testimonials

What Our Students Are Saying!

Georg Ireland

I'm sure I would not paint digitally today if I had not attended Karen's and Skip's classes. They enabled me to get a feeling and understanding of the complex interaction of brush, pressure, and texture.  I have realized in their classes how important pressure and the various brush, texture, and other settings are for the result of a brushstroke and not the brush itself. The DAA classes have opened a new world for me as an artist.

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Will I have help with my lessons and can I ask questions?

At DAA we are focused on supporting you and will always be there to help and inspire you.

Can I watch my lessons online?

Yes, you can watch all your lessons online or download them for your convenience.

What payment plans do you accept?

We accept Stripe and Paypal

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of our courses, and the ability to download our courses for future reference we do not offer refunds.


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