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Beautiful Bettas

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Gain proficiency with stencils, selections, and more by painting stunning Betta fish with Rebelle 7!

Paint Breathtaking Betta Fish WITH THIS NEW REBELLE 7 COURSE

Are you looking to capture the vibrant colors and flowing fins of betta fish in your digital art? Then, this new course is perfect for you!

In this course you, you'll learn

How to paint the unique body shape and fins of betta fish.

Tips for creating vibrant scales and shimmering effects.

How to design a beautiful background to complement your fish.

This course is perfect for:

Beginner and intermediate artists who want to learn a new skill.

Artists who are interested in painting fish or other aquatic life.

Anyone who wants to create beautiful and eye-catching artwork.

By the end of this course:

Paint beautiful and realistic betta fish in Rebelle.

Apply the techniques you learn to paint other fish and aquatic creatures.

Create stunning artwork that you'll be proud to share.


  • The fundamentals of Rebelle 7, including brushstrokes, blending techniques, and working with Custom Stencils
  • Creating a base for your betta fish using fluid paints and washes.
  • Capturing the unique anatomy and movement of these graceful fish.
  • Adding vibrant color and shimmering scales for a truly eye-catching effect.
  • Designing stunning backgrounds to complete your composition.
  • Essential tips and tricks to take your betta fish paintings to the next level.


What Benefits Are Included With Enrollment?

Custom Stencil Libraries

I will give you access to two unique stencil libraries so you can start creating right away!

Custom Selection Folder

Amazing Selections to Kickstart Your Creativity!

High Quality Sketches

I have created several high quality sketches of betta fish that you can use as a starting point.

Unique and Fun Paper Overlays!

Working with these paper designs is enjoyable, and you can use them to inspire your creativity!

Custom Brushes For You!

My Custom Betta Brushes: Effortlessly paint delicate fins, intricate scales, and lifelike details unique to betta fish.

Your Enrollment Bonus

Ongoing Support: I'm with you every step of the way! Ask questions, receive feedback, and unlock your full potential with my dedicated support throughout the course.

Membership in our Exclusive DAA Community

Exclusive DAA Community: Connect, share your work, and learn from fellow artists in our vibrant DAA community.

Paint Beautiful Betta Fish New Rebelle 7 Course

Are you looking to capture the vibrant colors and flowing fins of betta fish in your digital art? Then, this new course is perfect for you!

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Your Instructor, Karen Bonaker

Karen Bonaker is a passionate and experienced digital artist who loves to share her knowledge and skills with others. She is a certified instructor for Corel Painter and Escape Motions Rebelle, two of the most powerful and versatile software programs for creating realistic and expressive paintings. Karen has been teaching online courses and workshops for over 20 years, helping thousands of students unleash their creativity and discover their own artistic style. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced painter, Karen will guide you through the essential tools and techniques of digital painting as well as inspire you with her own stunning artwork.

Karen believes everyone has the ability to draw and paint, but they need to learn how to progress. She saw a need for digital art education, so she founded the Digital Art Academy in 2007 to help students achieve their artistic goals.

Karen Bonaker
Karen Bonaker


  • This course is compatible with Rebelle 7 Pro or greater. 

  • You are allowed to download the course materials, but you agree not to sell or distribute any of the content included in this course.

  • No, you may work at your own pace.

  • Yes, live sessions are recorded for you and will be available to download shortly after the session concludes. 

  • Yes, your video lessons are captioned. Captions can be turned off or on. 

  • Due to the nature of this course, all lessons are downloadable; therefore, exchanges or refunds are not permitted.