Bonus Content

Bonus Content To Get You Off To a Great Start

  • Instructor Support

    When you join this course you will receive full time instructor support for all your questions! Skip is here to get you off to a great start

  • Bonus Videos

    A number of extra videos addressing student questions

  • Bonus Content

    Included in your class content are many new resources for Painter including beautiful paper overlays, Paper Libraries, and brushes!

Is This Class For Me?

  • Open a new file

  • You are an artist who has a positive attititude and will work to encourage others.

  • You have a basic understanding of The Painter Interface and know how to select brushes and work on layers.

  • You love digital painting and exploring new techniques

Meet Your Instructor

Committed To Your Success

Painter Master Elite Skip Allen

Skip received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Crafts with an emphasis in pottery from the Memphis College of Art. He was a studio potter for almost three decades and taught at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi for 21 years. An Award-winning artist, he has been featured in numerous magazines.

Skip’s connection with digital art began in 1984 when he bought his first computer. Since his discovery of Corel, he has immersed himself in digital art. Skip uses his teaching experience to help students overcome their anxiety about the digital creative process as well as training them to work in a new digital environment. He began working with Digital Art Academy in 2012.

To find more information about Skip, you can visit him at SkipAllenPaints!