Take Your Landscapes To a New Level

Clouds are an essential element of any landscape painting, but they can be challenging to capture with realism and expression. In this course, you will learn how to paint beautiful clouds from Karen Bonaker, a professional artist and instructor who has been teaching digital painting for over 20 years. You will learn how to use various brushes, tools and techniques in Rebelle 6 to create realistic and atmospheric clouds in different styles and lighting conditions. You will also learn how to compose your cloudscape and add depth and perspective to your scene. By the end of this course, you will be able to paint stunning clouds that will enhance your landscape paintings and showcase your artistic vision.

Learn to Paint Sunsets, Mountains and Fantasy Landscapes

Two Live Sessions

Start with the basics as I take you through how to paint Sunset Glory, then on to our live sessions where I will show you how to paint mountains and rocks. Our last live lesson will be fantasy landscapes, my favorite!

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome To Class

    2. How to use this course

    1. How To Post Your Paintings

    1. Questions


    1. Painting Skies

    2. Important Considerations For Skies

    3. Tools For Better Landscapes

    4. Fundamental Perspective

    5. My Painting Critique

    1. Color Discipline

    2. Color Options

    3. Your Brushes-Adding Your Brushes

    4. Getting Started With Color Management For Rebelle

About this course

  • $55.00
  • 32 lessons


  • What version so Rebelle will I need?

    You will require Rebelle 6/ 6 Pro or greater for this course

  • Will I recieve any custom content?

    Yes! This course includes several custom brush libraries.

  • Can I download my content?

    Yes! You may download your course content or stream it online.

  • Will there be a live painting session?

    Yes! This course will include a live webinar session which will be recorded for you.

  • What other requirements are needed for this course?

    Rebelle is a digital painting software that simulates realistic watercolor and acrylic effects. To use Rebelle, you need to meet the minimum following requirements: Below you can find the minimum requirements to use the fantastic Rebelle 6 painting software: -Operating system: Windows (64-bit) and Mac OS X 10.14 -Processor: Intel i5 or equivalent AMD processor and Apple M1 chip with Rosetta 2 -RAM and memory: 4 GB RAM and 200 MB hard disk space -Graphics card: 1 GB RAM (with OpenGL 3.3 needed for Rebelle Pro)